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Our Story

Our BBQ started in the back yard as most does. Over time our product began to develope into something that rivaled anything we could buy. We realized we had some damn good food. We decided it was time to build our own smoker. We jumped in the car and took a ride to Buffalo NY to pick up what would soon be transformed into our first smoker.

This was a fun project but as our interests grew and our bbq continued to improve we realized that this was obviously not going to serve our needs. We eveentually realized that this was going to become more then just a hobby, we decided it was time to stop being selfish and to share our food with everyone. While going through a period of intensive research and developement on our products we purchased a camper and a smoker to convert this into our grand rig.

After two years of building our rig and improving our bbq we decided it was too good to be kept in hiding any longer.

Since true bbq was born in the south we decided to take a 15hr trip to Georgia to find the pig rig that could help usĀ get things going. Here she is!

Our business kicked off March 3rd, 2012 with the 2nd anual Just Throw Money, pub grub event. This event was a fund raiser for the YMCA and one heck of a party. We went on to win the Pub Grub event with our signature Bonehead Wings.


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